The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to loom knit a doll


12 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
2 eyes
1 Skein of yarn 4ply doubled strands

DSCO: Draw String Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
DEW: Double E-Wrap
P: Purl
D: Decrease
COF: Cast Off
DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off

Head: 12 pegs: Circular:
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-8: DEW12
Row 9: DEW5, (Nose DEW1 5times), DEW6
Row 10-20: DEW12
Close off top of head, tighten cast on to straight rather than loose. Stuff.

Body: 12 Pegs: Circular:
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-3: DEW12
Row 4: P12
Row 5-15: DEW12
Close up bottom, stuff, sew head on body.

Arms: 9 pegs: Flat
DSCO 9 pegs
Row 1: EW9
Row 2-4: DEW9
Row 5: DEW4 (Thumb DEW2 5times) DEW3
Row 6: DEW9
Row7: D1 DEW1, DEW5, D1 DEW1 (7)
Row 8: D1 DEW1, DEW5 (6)
Row 9-17: DEW6
Make 2, Sew up arm side, stuff, then sew on the sides of the body at the very top of the body.

Legs: 12 pegs: Flat:
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-4: DEW12
Row 5: D1 DEW1, DEW8, D1 DEW1 (10)
Row 6: D1 DEW1, DEW6, D1 DEW1 (8)
Row 7-15: DEW8
Make 2, Sew up the front of the leg, stuff. Then sew on the purled line, lining the outer edges of the legs with the arms.

Add eyes and embroider mouth. Add hair and your done. :-)

Note: Doing the hair you have several techniques you can do, I would suggest looking them up online. I personally take a lid wrap the yarn around it several times and sew the strands together. Then I hot glue the seam in and fold it in half. This keeps the hair from coming out.

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