The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teddy Bear Knifty Knitter Pattern

Teddy Bear

Supplies needed:
2 Skeins of a preferred color
2 Black Buttons or Eyes with washers
1 Bag of stuffing
Crochet Hook
Crafting Needle
Looming Hook
Blue Loom
Flower Loom

Stitches Used:
BTCO- Bring together cast off.
Take crafters needle and send through every loop, pull off loops and tie tight all loops together.
CO- Cast off
Crochet hook, take first loop of loom and then second loop off loom, pull second loop through first, then wrap yarn around hook pull through loop, pick up next loop on loom, pull through, make a loop pull through.
BF- Back and Forth
E-Wrap rows going back and forth
ID- Internal Decrease
Take the first loop put on second loop e-wrap, go to next loop take it and put it onto the next loop e-wrap. Do this all the way around, then put all loops on hook and put loops all side by side on loom, and tighten up the loops starting from furthest end from your yarn to wrap.
D- Decrease
Take end loop put on next peg E-wrap together.

Head: Blue Loom: Work Flat
E-Wrap 24 pegs 9 rows
Row 10 work ears
E-Wrap peg 1-5
Start ear E-wrap pegs 6-9 BF 4 rows
E-Wrap pegs 7-8 BF 2 rows
E-Wrap 6-9 BF 4 rows
E-Wrap 6-15
Work other ear E-wrap pegs 16-19 BF 4 rows
E-Wrap pegs 17-18 BF 2 rows
E-Wrap pegs 16-19 BF 4 rows
Finish row 10 by E-Wrapping to end.
E-Wrap next 8 rows
ID to 12 pegs (make sure you tighten the loops after you decrease, this makes the snout more prominent.)
E-Wrap 6 rows
Sew up snout, and ears, bring together stitches on back of the head. Add eyes.

Body: Blue Loom: Work Circular
E-Wrap 19 rows
Row 20 E-Wrap to peg 10 work tail pegs 11-14 BF 8 rows finish row 20
E-Wrap 8 rows BTCO
Sew up tail.

Arms: Flower Loom: Work Circular
E-Wrap 12 pegs 12 rows BTCO
Tighten original cast on and stuff.
Make 2

Legs: Blue Loom: Work Flat
E-Wrap 16 pegs 6 rows
D by 1 on each end next 2 rows
E-Wrap 12 pegs 12 rows CO
Tighten original cast on, sew up, stuff.
Make 2

Sew on legs first by counting ten columns from edge of tail to front, go back one column sew on first leg. To sew on second leg move over two columns from inner first leg sew on. Sew on arms next by counting from outer edges of legs over two columns go to very top of body sew on arms. Then sew on head by lining up front center, line arms up to ears, and lining up back center. After sewing up every piece use crochet hook to tuck away ends. Your done.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Half Finger Gloves

Half Fingerless Gloves

Pink Knifty Knitter Long Loom
Purple Dividers 2
Crochet Hook
Crafter Needle
1 Skein of Yarn

C: Cast On
K: Knit
P: Purl
D: Decrease
CO: Cast Off


Starting at one end and using a divider to make room for 8 pegs to be worked with for a single finger.
Row 1-10(Index Finger): C8, K8 for 10 rows Cut yarn and move stitch on divider to ones side or the other. Turn divider around and add the other divider to make room for 8 pegs to be worked with.
Row 1-10 or 15(Middle Finger): C8, K8 for 10-15 rows depending on your preference. Cut yarn and move stitches from dividers to one side or the other to open dividers to work on the next 8 pegs for the ring finger. Flip one divider around closest to the middle finger and then add the other divider where the next 8 pegs are to be worked on.
Row 1-10 (Ring Finger): C8, K8 for 10 rows. Cut yarn and move the stitches from dividers to one side or the other to open up dividers to work on the next 8 pegs for the pinky. Flip the divider closest to the ring finger, and the second divider is now no longer needed.
Row 1-7 (Pinky Finger): C8, K8 for 7 rows. Move stitch on divider to one side or the other and remove divider from loom.  Now is the start of working the rest of the glove, so we will start to work circular around the whole loom, note do not cut yarn just continue in the direction you were going.
Don't worry about all the loose ends they will be used to sew up the crevice of the fingers when done.

Upper Glove

Row 1-15: K26 for 15 rows


Row 1: K16 stop reverse.
Row 2: K5 Reverse
Row 3-9: K5 Reverse
Row 10: K2, K1 then D that stitch peg back 1, Skip end peg and K next 2 Reverse
Row 11: K2, lay yarn over open end peg, K2 Reverse
Row 12: K5 Reverse
Row 13-18: K5 Reverse
Row 19: K5, then continue in same direction to beginning by K10

Lower Half of Glove

Row 1-10: K26 circular for 10 rows (For easier patter Knit 15 rows instead)
 Row 11: K11, Add divider in to very end and move end peg onto divider. Now D by putting peg 12 stitch onto peg 11, and the taken peg 14 stitch and put it onto peg 15, bring bottom loops over. Continue row 11, K12
Row 12: K24
Row 13: K10, Move divider back one, then D peg 11 stitch onto peg 10, and then take peg 13 stitch and move it to peg 14 pull bottom loops over top. Continue row 13, K11
Row 14: K22
Row 15: K9, Move divider back one, then D peg 10 stitch onto peg 9, and then take peg 12 stitch and place it onto peg 13, pull bottom loops over top. Continue row 15, K10
Row 16-26: K1,P1 10times

CO, then sew up finger creases, and thumb, and either crochet edges of fingertips or tighten Cast one. Weave in loose ends and one glove is done. Repeat all again for second glove. Any confusion please refer to the video for help. :-)