The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Saturday, October 25, 2014

How to Loom Knit Hello Kitty

                           Example Project done and photographed by Nicola Mangnall
                                                       She did an excellent job!!!
Hello Kitty Doll

12 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
white yarn 4ply 2 strands
2 black buttons and 1 yellow button
Black yarn for wiskers

DSCO: Draw String Cast On
CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
DEW: Double E-Wrap
P: Purl
COF: Cast Off

Head: Circular: 12 pegs
DEW CO 12 Pegs
Row 1-15: DEW 12 pegs
Take down to one loop and COF
Sew the top of the head off and then sew down the edges making a triangle to create ears. Leave 3 columns between ears. Follow picture for example.

Body: Circular: 12 pegs
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2-3: DEW12
Row4: get all pegs down to 1 loop and P12
Row5-15: DEW12
Draw string the cast on and close off bottom of body. Stuff body and sew head on.

Arms and Legs: Flat: 7 pegs
DSCO 7 pegs
Row 1: EW7
Row 2-9: DEW7
get all pegs down to 1 loop COF
Sew up side, stuff, make 4. Sew legs on the purled line. Sew arms at the top of the body on sides lined up with ears.
Hot glue or sew your buttons on. Then embroider in the black wiskers. Your done. Create an outfit however you like. Change the body to a color for an outfit.
Your Done!!!

Helpful Videos

The mini bear video gives you can idea about how the limbs work, instead of knitting you are EWrapping, so follow the arms section for help. Also follow the body section for help on the body. The techniques video will help with some terminology. And the doll video will help with out to go about a double E-Wrap technique.  

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