The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Loom Knit a Knight's Tunic

Knight's Tunic

36 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
2 skeins of grey yarn
1 skein of light grey
1 applique
1 skein of gold
2 buttons
1 yard of fabric for cape

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
P: Purl
D: Decrease
COF: Cast Off
FB: Fold Back

Front: Flat: 36 pegs
EW CO 18 pegs
Row 1-4: EW18
Row 5-8: P18
Row 9-12: EW18
Row 13-16: P18
Row 17-20: EW18
Stop and do the other half of the loom the same way to have 2 seperate panels, after this we are going to connect them.
Row 21: P36
Row 22-42: EW36
Row 43: D1 EW1, EW32, D1 EW1 (34)
Row 44: D1 EW1, EW30, D1 EW1 (32)
Row 45: D1 EW1, EW28, D1 EW1 (30)
Row 46: D1 EW1, EW26, D1 EW1 (28)
Row 47: EW28
Row 48: EW11, COF 5, EW12
Working just one shoulder now.
Row 49: EW9, D1 EW1 (11)
Row 50: D1 EW1, EW8 (10)
Row 51: EW7, D1 EW1 (9)
Row 52-54: EW9
Other shoulder
Row 49: EW11
Row 50: D1 EW1, EW9 (10)
Row 51: EW8, D1 EW1 (9)
Row 52-54: EW9

Back: Flat: 36 pegs
EW OC 36 pegs
Row 1-4: EW36
Row 5-8: P36
Row 9-12: EW36
Row 12-15: P36
Row 16-19: EW36
Row 20: P36
Row 21-41: EW36
Row 42: D1 EW1, EW32, D1 EW1 (34)
Row 43: D1 EW1, EW30, D1 EW1 (32)
Row 44: D1 EW1, EW28, D1 EW1 (30)
Row 45: D1 EW1, EW26, D1 EW1 (28)
Row 46: EW28
Row 47: EW11, COF5, EW12
Working shoulder
Row 48: EW10, D1 EW1 (11)
Row 49: D1 EW1, EW9 (10)
Row 50: EW8, D1 EW1 (9)
Row 51-53: EW9
Other shoulder
Row 48: EW11
Row 49: D1 EW1, EW9 (10)
Row 50: EW8, D1 EW1 (9)
Row 51- 56: EW9

Sheild: Flat: 14 pegs
EW CO 14
Row 1-12: EW14
Row 13: D1 EW1, EW10, D1, EW1 (12)
Row 14: EW12
Row 15: D1 EW1, EW8, D1 EW1 (10)
Row 16: EW10
Row 17: D1 EW1, EW6, D1 EW1 (8)
Row 18: D1 EW1, EW4, D1 EW1 (6)
Row 19: D1 EW1, EW2, D1 EW1 (4)
Row 20: D1 EW1, D1 EW1 (2)
Row 21L D1 EW1 (1)
Snip end pull through.

Sew your applique onto your shield, the lightly tack downthe shield to the front of your tunic to make sure it is flat and even on the tunic front, then sew down. Then sew up the sides only to the 1st purled row and stop on both sides. Sew up the shoulder with the back side should being shorter. Add your buttons at the top edge of the should seem to the front of the tunic on both sides. Due to the loose stitch you can easily button and unbotton the shoulder area. To add a cape make button holes at the top corners of your 1 yard fabric and slip it through the buttons. With the additions below sew your cape onto the shoulder shield and the shoulder shields you can easily button and unbutton your cape. Also for extra fun add a belt around the waist with a sash or such. Also  if you would like crochet your edges for a nice clean touch. Also if you want the bottom trim like in the photo please refer to my Knight's Helmet video.

Advanced Technique
Shoulder Shield: Flat: 12 pegs
EW CO 12
Row 1: EW12
Row 2: EW4 6rows, EW2 3rows, EW4 6rows.(Repeat 2 more times) Put cast on back onto pegs.
Row 3-4: EW12
Row 5: EW2 (EW4 5rows, EW2 3rows, EW4 5rows, repeat again) Place your original loops back on pegs. EW2
Row 6-7: EW12
Row 8: EW4 4row, EW2 3rows, EW4 4rows (repeat 2 more times) Put original loops back on pegs.
Row 8-9: EW12
Row 10: D1 EW1, EW8, D1 EW1 (10)
Row 11: D1 EW1, EW6, D1 EW1 (8)
Row 12: D1 EW1, EW4, D1 EW1 (6)
Row 13: D1 EW1, EW2, D1 EW1 (4)
Row 14: D1 EW1, D1 EW1 (2)
Row 15: D1 EW1 (1)
Snip end pull through. Make 2.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Loom Knit a Mini Dragon

Mini Dragon

12 peg loom
 looming hook
crochet hook sizeF
crafters needle
3 colors of scrap yarn
2 very small eyes

DSCO- Draw String Cast On
K- Knit
P- Purl
ID- Internal Decrease
D- Decrease
COF- Cast Off
DSCOF- Draw String Cast Off

Head: Flat: Main Color: 12 Peg Loom
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1-5: K12
Row 6: K2 (Ear K2pegs 11rows) (Horn: Change to horn color: K2pegs 11rows) (Horn2 repeat just like horn one) (Ear change back to main color and repeat like you did for first ear) K2
Row 7-9: K12
Row 10: ID 12 to 6 pegs
Row 11: K2, P2, K2
Row 12: K6
Row 13: K1, K1peg 3rows, P2, K1peg 3rows, K1
Row 14-15: K6
Sew up snout, ears, horn, and close up back of head, and stuff.

Belly: belly color: flat: 7 pegs
DSCO 7 pegs
Row 1-2: K7
Row 3: P7
Row 4: K7
Row 5: P7
Row 6: K7
Row 7: P7
Row 8: D1 P1, P3, D1 P1 (5)
Row 9: K5
Row 10: D1 P1, P1, D1, P1 (3)
Row 11: K3
Row 12: D1 on each end P1
Row 13: K1
Snip end pull through

Back of body: Main Color: Flat: 10 Pegs
DSCO 10 pegs
Row 1-10: K10
Row 11: K1, D1 K1, D1 K1, D1 K1, D1 K1, K1 (6) Bring loops together and tighten loops.
Row 12: K6
Row 13: D1 K1, K2, D1 K1 (4)
Row 14: K4
Row 15: D1 K1, D1 K1 (2)
Row 16: K2
Row 17: D1 K1
Snipe end pull through, sew belly and back together, then stuff. Sew head on lining back of the head up with the tail.

Legs: Main Color: Flat: 10 pegs
DSCO 10 pegs
Row 1-3: K10
Row 4: D1 K1, K6, D1 K1 (8)
Row 5-9: K8
Make 2, sew up bottom and front, stuff, and sew on body lining up with ears at very top of body.

Back legs: Main Color: Flat: 12 pegs
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1-3: K12
Row 4: COF 2, K10
Row 5: COF 2, K8
Row 6: D1 K1, K4, D1 K1 (6)
Row 7-10: K6
Row 11: D1 K1, K2, D1 K1 (4)
Make 2, sew up front and half of bottom, stuff, then finish sewing up. Sew right under legs, lined up with ears.

Spine: Crochet Hook size F
Slip knot
Chain 25
Chain 4, count back 4 spaces and slip stitch, slip stitch next space.
Repeat this Chain 4 run all the way to the end.
Snip end pull through loop tighten. Sew spine start at the head just in front of the horns and sew down the middle back of the head and down the back of the body. Sew on or hot glue your eyes onto your dragon at the base of the snout lined up with the space between the horn and the ear.
Your done!!!
Note: I did double up my yarn to make it thicker for stuffing. Also if you are having a hard time seeing how to do the legs, please visit the mini dog video to watch how to make the legs. You can also follow the mini dog pattern video as for as the back of the head, after the ears, the internal decrease for help as well. This video is come of my last footage on the old action cam for looming videos. After this should be easy to see videos.

How to Loom Knit a Turtle and Ladybug

Turtle and Ladybug Pattern

Flower Loom
24 peg circular loom
3 colors of yarn
2 Eyes
Looming Hook
Crafters Needle
Crochet Hook

CO- Cast On
COF- Cast Off
DSCOF- Draw String Cast Off
EW- E-Wrap
D- Decrease

Body: Circular: 24 peg
DSCO 24 pegs in light green
Row 1-6: EW24
Row 7: Change color to dark green, P24
Row 8-18: EW24
Row 19: D every other peg tossing the bottom loop over.  (12 pegs)
Close up top, stuff, and then close up the bottom.

Head: Flat: 24 Peg Circular Loom
CO 16 pegs
Row 1-4: EW
Row 5: D1 EW13 D1 EW1
Row 6: D1 EW11 D1 EW1
Row 7-11: EW
Sew up Stuff and sew onto body following the purled line.

Legs: Circular: Flower Loom
(You can use the legs as the head for the ladybug)
DSCO 12 pegs
Rows 1-6: EW
Draw string your cast on, Stuff and sew on the body purled line. Make 4. Line front legs directly by head, then count three stitches over from front legs and sew on back legs. Glue on eyes.
Ladybug Legs: Flower Loom: 6 pegs
DSCO 6 pegs
Row 1-7: EW
Sew up side, make 6 legs. Sew them lined up in 3 on each side of the ladybugs head.
Mirror Spots for shiny reflective fun.
Crochet hook size G.
Chain 10, slip stitch into first chain.
Chain 1. Single crochet 20 times all the way around creating a ring, slip stitch into first single crochet.
Chain 2 snip end pull end through and tight the chain to a knot.
Trace out your edge of your completed ring and use that as a guide to cut out mylar or sticker mirrors, to glue onto the back of your rings. Make 5.  You can also use button, or felt to create spots to.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Make a Castle Lantern

Hot Glue Gun and lots of glue
Regular Elmers Glue
Popsicle Sticks
Pistachio Shells
Old Magazine
Pony Beads
Wooden Beads
Tooth Picks
Craft Paint
Cardboard from a small boom box package
Masking Tape
Egg Carton

Most of these supplies are recycled materials and should be easy to come by or you could ask a friend for if they use items you don't. This is a fun project and even a child should be able to get involved in making this.

Start off by cutting holes in the tops of your lifted edges of your cardboard from the small boom box package like in video. Then add the egg carton bottoms cut individually to the tops of the cut holes by hot gluing them on. Then masking tape the whole top.

 Next step, hot glue 2 popsicle sticks together to create a corner. Do this 4 total times. Then hot glue them into your corners. After that hot glue in your other popsicle sticks to create breaks along the long sides of the cardboard. The hot glue popsicles sticks at the base all the way around to create a standing building, as shown in video.

After that you move to prepping your shingle areas on your roof. So take pages out of your old magazine and fold them in half 4 times. Use your ruler to measure an inch down marking your inch zones. Now cut a straight line on your first inch zone then cut a triangle on the other side. Repeat this step and to keep your triangles even use your first cut out as a guide. You will need enough to cover the roof area. When gluing these on you use elmers glue, making sure to stagger your triangles. Start from the bottom and work to the top.

After this you want to hot glue on your pistachio shells to the popsicle sticks to create a stone looking texture. Once this is done then go in and fill the space between them in with hot glue like mortar.Also hot glue on the shells from bottom to top of the egg carton domes.

Now you want to take your tooth picks and shove them into the tops of the egg carton areas. Then put a wooden bead down first, then a pony bead hot gluing them down. The on the top edges of the roof hot glue pony beads around the edge.

Wow that was some work right, but now as weird as this things looks so far, lets bring it to life with some paint. So you want a white canvas base so either spray paint or just paint the entire things white. OMG the castle appears and looks neat then.

Now you want to paint the pistachio shells grey or silver at the base like stone. The roof what ever color you want, and the pistachio shell domes gold as well as the beads. Adding fun glow in the dark accents, sponge on glow in the dark green around the base, glow in the dark orange at the tips of the roof triangles, and glow in the dark yellow on the edges of the domes.

After this print up the images below to add to your castle so that when the light shines through it will give you a beautiful image. Don't forget you will need the mirror image of the images. 2 of the couple, 2 of the dragon, and 4 of the knight and horse. After printing and cutting them to size glue them in with elmers glue.

To add an extra touch poke holes in the roof to create light spots when lit up on the ceiling in a nice pattern.

Your Done!!! Add your lights and watch the beautiful fun!!!

Note when figuring out the size to print your images measure the space to see the closest size to choose.