The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Monday, July 27, 2015

Flower Headband

Flower Head Band

15 peg or 12 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
worsted yarn

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
K: Knit
P: Purl
EWCH: E-Wrap Chain
COF: Cast Off

EW CO 8 pegs
Row 1-8: K1, P1, K5, P1, K1
Row 9: K1, P1, K1, EWCH7 BOLB toss bottom loop over, repeat the EWCH in the next 2, Bring the first and third EWCH loop to the second peg. EW the 3 loops together. Increase on both sides of the peg you just EW by pulling up the connecting yarn. Then K2,P1, K1.
Row 10: K1, P1, K2, EWCH7 BOLB toss bottom loop over, K2, P1, K1
Repeat rows 1-9 however many times to make the length you want for the head band. Then do the first 8 rows 1 more time. 
Sew ends together. 

For horizontal use of the flowers follor the 3 peg section above to add anywhere on a pattern. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loom Knit Costume Hats


This book introduces some much awaited favorites!!! The Dragon, Yoda(Green Alien), Owl, Viking, Pirate, and Crown Hat!! They all come with private video tutorials, and sizing options for child and adults. As well as loom options. The patterns were written for Knifty Knitter and CinDwood looms but has a section of other brands that will substitute for these brands, like Boye, Darice, and Martha Stewart looms. There is a wide range of difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. This book offers a very versitile format for every skill level, learning style, and sizing and loom options. Plus some revamps and options on some of the older patterns that were originally seen for free.

The book includes some free patterns, but you might be asking why purchase? Well what if I told you that those free patterns in the past only had 1 sizing option and 1 loom option you can use. Well the book has child and adult sizing options as well as 4 loom size options, and notes for other brands you can use to match up with the Knifty Knitter and CinDwood looms. The Buy Now button above allows you to purchase and download the book immediately!!!

There will soon be the option to order a paperback book for your book shelf at home of these patterns, allowing you the ability to use the patterns without needing a digital devise!!! Also this book will be available on Kindle as well!!! Be looking for the Links to come!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Loom Knit an Animal Pillow

Animal Pillow

41 or 59 peg loom
36 or 44 peg loom
looming hook
stitch holder
crafters needle
Bernat Blanket or Baby Blanket Yarn 2 skeins
2 buttons for eyes
twin size pillow
large button
14" of velcro
hot glue gun

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
ID: Internal Decrease
BOLB: Bring Original Loops Back
DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off

For the pillow take your 41 or 59 peg loom and loom flat for 27inches, make 2 panels. When you cast off on the second panel make sure for the very middle peg you EW Chain 5 or 6 times for give you a button loop. Sew all sides together and leave 1 end open. Hotglue in velcro on the open end. Sew your large button on the other end at the middle.

Head: 44 or 36 pegs: Flat:
EW CO 44 or 36 pegs
Row 1-11: EW
Row 12: for 44 peg: EW10 (Ear: EW8 3rows, EW7, EW6 2rows, EW5, EW4 2rows, EW5, EW6 2rows, EW7, EW8 3rows, BOLB) EW8 ( Repeat ear) EW10
for 36 peg:
EW8 (Ear: EW7 2rows, EW5 2rows, EW3 3rows, EW5 2rows, EW7 2 rows) EW6, (Repeat ear) EW8
Row 13-20: EW
Row 21: ID 44to22 or ID 36to18
Row 22-29: EW
DSCOF or if you don't want too much bulk you can take everyother loop and move it to the next peg and toss the bottom loop over and DSCOF.
Sew up bottom of head, stuff, and sew on the middle length side of the pillow mostly on the top area. Hot glue on eyes at the base of the snout lined up with the ears. After that your done. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Loom Knit a Summer Lace Bolero

Lace Bolero

24 or 28 peg loom
looming hook
2 skeins Peaches and Cream Cotton Yarn
crafters needle
measuring tape

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
P: Purl
D: Decrease (placing that loop onto the next working peg)
I: Increase (pull up the connecting yarn that goes from one loop to another and add it to the peg.)
YO: Yarn Over (lay working yarn over the empty peg)
WT: Wrap and Turn
EWCH: E-Wrap Chain (EW the same peg however many times)
COF: Cast Off

Start off by making measurements on the person or your body to find out how many inches you will need to make this bolero. First place end of tape on the  middle back of your neck then lay the tape over a shoulder bring around the back up under the other arm and over the should to meet back at the middle back of neck. This is your trim number, add 2 inches to this number.
Next you need to know the length of your center back. Place the measuring tape on the center back of your neck and mark where the tape is at the middle of your back. This is your back panel measurement. Add 2 inches to that number.

Lace Trim: 8 pegs: Flat:
EW CO 8 pegs
Row 1-2: EW
Row 3: EW2, D1, YO, EW5
Row 4: EW3, WT, EW3
Row 5: EWCH4, EW2, WT, EW3
Row 6: EW5, P1, EW2
Row 7: EW4, D1, YO, EW3
Row 8: EW3, P1, EW4
Repeat rows 3-8 until you get the needed length of lace trim.
COF Sew ends together.

Back Center: 24 or 28 pegs: Flat:
EW CO 24 or 28 pegs
Row 1-3: EW
Row 4: EW3, D1, I1 P the I, EW3, D1, I1 P the I, continue around to finish row.
Row 5-7: EW
Row 8: EW1, D1, I1 P the I, EW3, D1, I1 P the I, continue from the EW3 and so on to finish row.
Repeat rows 1-8 however many inches you need. Make sure the last rows are your 3 rows of EW. COF