The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Loom Knit a Toddler/ Baby Sweater

Toddler Sweater
Size 18-24months

24 and 36 peg loom
looming hook
stitch holder
crafters needle
2 skeins of 4 ply yarn, in 2 contrasting colors

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
K: Knit
P: Purl
D: Decrease
CC: Change Color
LC: Light Color
DC: Dark Color
LCOF: Loose Cast Off

Front and Back: Flat: 36 pegs
EW CO 36 pegs LC
Row 1: K36
Row 2: K1, P1, 18 times
Row 3: P1, K1, 18 times
Row 4-9: Repeat row 2 and 3
Row 10-18: CC DC, K36
Row 19-27: CC LC, K36
Row 28-43: Repeat rows 10-27
Row 44: CC DC, K
Row 45: D by 1 on each end, K all pegs
Row 46-51: Repeat row 44-45
Row 52: CC LC, K
Row 53: D by 1 each end, K all pegs
Row 54-59: Repeat row 52-53
Row 60-68: Repeat row 44-45
Put the loops on a stitch holder and repeat this again but you can leave the loops on the pegs and then after completing your sleeves you will add all the loops back to this loom. Move on to doing the sleeves next on the 24 peg loom.

Sleeves: Circular: 24 pegs
EW CO 24 pegs LC
Row 1: K
Row 2-9: K1 P1, 12 times
Row 10-18: CC DC, K
Row 19-26: CC LC, K
Row 27-34: Repeat rows 10-18
Row 35-42: Repeat rows 19-26
Row 43: CC DC start knitting flat: K24
Row 44: D by 1 on each end, K
Row 45-50: Repeat rows 43-44
Row 51: CC LC, K
Row 52: D by 1 on each end, K
Row 53-58: Repeat rows 51-52
Row 59-66: CC DC K
Place the 1st sleeve on a stitch holder, and repeat to maker the other sleeve.
Now lets put the front panel and sleeves onto the 36 peg loom. Start with putting a sleeve on by over lapping the 1st loop with the very end loop of the back panel. Then put the front panel loops on by over lapping the 1st peg with the end loop of the sleeve. Then put the other sleeve loops on making sure the 1st and last peg over lap by 1.
Now start the neck area of the sweater
Neck: Circular: 36 pegs
Row 1-15: DC K
Row 16-17: CC LC K
Tighten all your cast ons, then sew up your sides and sleeves making sure your stripes line up evenly. Add an applique to the center if you would like. Your done!!!!

Note: If you would like the make a larger size for a 3T or 4T add 2 rows to each section of stripes to each size increase. Trick when you decrease that you only decrease the same amount of times as above.  If you want smaller, switch to the 31 peg loom for the body, keep the 24 peg loom. Also remove 2 rows for each stripe section, then calculate how many times you would need to decrease for all 4 sections to fit onto a 31 peg loom. 


  1. Alright, so I think I've done everything correctly so far... (Making 3t)
    And I have my pieces all ready to assemble... However, sadly, my data is capped for the next two weeks, and I can no longer load the video...

    I seem to recall you saying you don't recommend overlapping if you're making a larger size...? So what do I do??

    I hope you see this, I really want to finish this awesome project!

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Yes you don't want to over lap, because the child's head is bigger you need a bigger opening for it. So my suggestion would be to switch to the Yellow Loom with 41 pegs and place all your pieces on it. This should make it to where it doesn't over lap at all and you might have an extra peg open, you can knit it in to close the neck, or you can choose to knit flat and sew the neck up. But if you are working with a 40 peg loom it should be easy to place the loops on the loom with no extra peg. I hope this makes sense let me know if it doesn't.

  2. Yes, that's awesome! Because I have a 41 pegger, I was confused for how to fit it on, with the extra peg...
    I'll try it out, thank you so much for responding!!
    I lovvvve your creations, and this sweater has been my most intensive loomknit project and I'm loving it!

  3. Want to thank you so much for your wonderful videos on loom knitting? I am a beginner and your video on the child's sweater made me so excited to make one for each of my new grandchildren.

    Question I have is on the 3T you say to add two rows on each section, and to add an extra row after each decrease. If I do this on the decrease section I will have 12 rows instead of 10 as rest of sweater. Do you want me to on first decrease section knit two rows then decrease,then on the last knit do two rows and final decrease? Not after every decrease row? Still leaving 28 pegs? Had no problem on smaller size. Thanks I've this pattern.