The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Monday, October 19, 2015

Loom Knit Sweater Poncho

Sweater Poncho

150 peg 1/2 gauge S loom
60 peg 1/2 gauge loom
3 skeins of Lions Brand Scarfie Yarn
Looming Hook
Crafters Needle

CO: Cast On: E-Wrap the amount of pegs it calls for.
EW: E-Wrap: The process of taking the working yarn and wrapping from back to front and back again.
P: Purl: The process of taking the working yarn pulling it up through the bottom of the stitch and taking the original stitch off and placing the new stitch on the peg.
D: Decrease: The process of taking the end stitch and placing it onto the next peg with a stitch on it.
ID: Internal Decrease: The process of taking every other stitch and placing it onto the next peg. When you are done every other peg should have 2 stitches on it. EW all the pegs with stitches tossing both loops over.
COF: Cast Off: The process of EW pegs 1 and 2, place loop 2 on peg 1, toss bottom loop over. Move loop 1 to peg 2 and EW pegs 2 and 3, move loop 3 to peg 2, toss bottom loop over, move loop 2 to peg 3. Repeat till done.

Panels: 150 pegs: Flat:
EW CO 30 pegs
Row 1: P1 EW1
Row 2: EW1 P1
Row 3-15: Repeat rows 1 and 2
Row 16: CO 58
Row 17: EW88, CO58
Row 18-38(20rows): EW146
At this point Decrease by 1 on each end EW the row, then EW a row, repeat this till down to 64 pegs. (Note: you are decreasing by 2 every other row.)
place stitches on a stitch holder.
Repeat another panel like above.

Neck: 60 pegs: Circular:
Then place your stitches on the 60 peg 1/2" gauge loom, 2 stitches on each side will overlap each other. Make sure when placing the stitches on the loom that the right side is facing you and the wrong side is facing the inside of the loom. EW1 P1 for 50 rows, COF.
Sew up the front, back, and cuffs of the poncho.
You're Done!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Patterns!!!!
 These are a few patterns I have created using the crocodile or scalloped stitch on the looms.  By clicking on the picture it will take you to the link to get the pattern. The patterns are in PDF format and include written instructions, as well as video tutorial links for help making the patterns.
A lot of the patterns were done on CinDwood Looms which are great because they come in the 1/2" gauge great for making a nice tight knit.
This stitch adds wonderful texture and life to a pattern. Yes it is time consuming, and yes it does take a lot of yarn, but man is it worth the look and feel of the finished product!!!
The owl gloves pattern below is soon to come out, but check out the owl booties while you wait!!!

Loom Knit Owl Bag

 This owl bag is based off of my previous designs of the Realistic Owl Hat and Stuffed Owl patterns. The bag is completed in 1 piece with minimal sewing that is done on the face. I used the 60 peg 1/2" gauge CinDWood Loom, and Bernat Blanket Yarn in Moss, Baby Yellow, and Black. It is a large bag great for a school bag for a child. Or a carry all bag for your baby or toddler.
The pattern includes written instructions, as well as video tutorial for help in making this pattern. The links are always located below the image in the PDF file you recieve. There are pictures showing generally what an area of the bag should look like at a certain point. I would not suggest this pattern for a beginner or even intermediate loom knitters. This is an advanced pattern that used stitch holders, keeping up with 2 different stitch pattern while adding wrap and turn techniques at the same time, and also doing a half and half color change. There is a lot to keep up with in this pattern. Stitch markers will be used, and row counters.
The pattern may be complicated but it is well worth the effort to create such a cute pattern for a child or even yourself!!! I am providing alink for the buy now below to get the pattern. It is $4 for the pattern.

Loom Knitted Fall Leaves Poncho

This pattern became an inspiration from seeing some of Suzanne Sullivans leaf designs. I will include links when you click on the picture, if you needle knit if you love her patterns so you can purchase them. I became inspired and thought, all you need is the leaf to start. So this pattern is made up of 28 leaves and a turtle neck all sewn together to make a poncho. But this base pattern can make sooo much more than just a poncho. Please feel free after you purchase to play, make blankets, scarves, capes, and what every you can imagine with them. Have fun!!!
 So now the loom knit community can join in on this wonderful idea and play and enjoy the pattern too!!!
Pattern is done with a 24 peg and 60 peg 1/2" Gauge CinDwood Looms
Plus I used 10 skein of Lions Brand Chenille in Opal.