The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to Loom Knit Doll Dress

Doll Dress

24 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
scrap yarn

EW: E-Wrap
CO: Cast On
K: Knit
P: Purl
ID: Internal Decrease
COF: Cast Off

24 peg loom: Flat: 1 strand of yarn
EW CO 24 Pegs
Row 1-2: K24
Row 3: P24
Row 4-7: K24
Row 8: P24
Row 9-12: K24
Row 10: P24:
Row 11-30: K24
Row 31: ID 24to12 pegs
Row 32-41: K12
Row 42: P12
Row 43-44: K12
Row 45: P4, COF4, P4
Row 46-49: P4
Repeat other side P4 pegs 4rows then COF
Tighten Cast on, make 2, sew sides of dress up to waist. Sew shoulder straps. Tuck your ends in. Your done!!!


  1. Pretty white dress to which I have added a lots of pretty details such as lace trim, panties, lovely pink cardigan, booties, and hat with lace trim. Here

  2. I'm confused. Is Row 10 knit or purl?
    Looks like rows 9-12 are knit, but then it says Row 10 is purl, then rows 11-30 are knit

    1. It is a purl. 11-30 are the bulk of the dress which is knit.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply :)

  3. Hi, i am a beginner, was wondering if you had a video tutorial on this, as well what size doll would this dress fit, my grandaughter has an 18 inch "build a bear" from the fair last year, and wants me to make doll clothes for it... thanks!!

    1. I did a flat knit for this pattern, use the ew instead and the dress should be big enough for the size you are talking about.

  4. Hi do you have a video on the internal decrease thanks love the pattern