The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Loom Knitting Mini Elephant

Loom Knitting Mini Elephant

12 Peg Loom
Looming Hook
Crafters Needle
Crochet Hook
Scrap Yarn
I Double up on my yarn to allow firmer stuffing.
And eyes

EW- E-Wrap
K- Knit
P- Purl
CO- Cast On
DSCO- Draw String Cast On
D- Decrease
COF- Cast Off
DSCOF- Draw String Cast Off

Head: Flat: 12 pegs
EW CO or DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1-5: K12
Row 6: K2 (Ear: K3 pegs 11 rows) K2, repeat ear section for next 3 pegs, K2 (note for larger ears, K1 (Ear: K4 pegs 15 rows) K2, repeat ear section for next 4 pegs, K1.)
Row 7-9: K12
Row 10: D1 K1, D1 K1, K4, D1 K1, D1 K1 (8 loops)
Row 11-12: K8
Row 13: D1 K1, K4, D1 K1 (6 loops)
Row 14-16: K6
Row 17: D1 K1, K2, D1 K1 (4 loops)
Row 18-19: K4
Row 20: D1 K1, D1 K1 (2 loops)
Row 21-22: K2
Row 23: D1 K1 (1 loop)
Cut end pull tail through. Sew up trunk, ears, and close up back of head. Stuff.

Body: Circular: 12 Pegs
EW CO or DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1-10: K12
Row 11: P12
Row 12-14: K12
Close up bottom, tighten cast on or draw string to a point that you can stuff your body.

Legs: Flat: 10 Pegs
EW CO or DSCO 10 pegs
Row 1-4: K10
Row 5: D1 K1, K6, D1 K1 (8 loops)
Row 6-11: K8
Tighten cast on, or drawstring cast on to a point to make flat and rows close together. Sew up bottom and front. Stuff. Make 4

Sew on head first. Head will help you get alignment to sew on legs to body. Following the line of the ears sew you upper legs at the top of the body lined up with your ears. Sewing on the bottom legs line the outer edge of you bottom legs with the upper legs. Sew bottom legs along the purled row. Hot glue or sew on eyes and your done.

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  1. love elephants, must try, thanks for both pattern and of course the video. always helpful to watch video first and then attempt looming item.... thanks