The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Loom Knitting Horse, or My Little Pony

 helpful videos for techniques
This one to show double e-wrap, and tail and hair technique
This shows basic technique, as well as internal decrease.
Options for adding eyes, and how to make them.

Loom Knitting Horse, or My Little Pony

24 and 12 peg loom
Looming Hook
Crafters Needle
Crochet Hook
Yarn (strands doubled)

DEW: Double E-Wrap (this is a technique to assist in making the knit tighter for firmer stuffing, you EW your pegs 3 times to start, then toss bottom loop over top 2 loops keeping 2 loops on the peg) Please check out my Eeyore video to view this technique.
EW: E-Wrap
ID- Internal Decrease
CO: Cast On
DSCO: Draw String Cast On
COF: Cast Off
DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off

Head: Flat: 24 Peg
DSCO 18 pegs
Row 1-3: DEW18
Row 4: DEW4 (Ear: DEW4 pegs 4 rows, DEW2 pegs 3rows, DEW4 pegs 4rows) DEW2, Repeat ear section, DEW4
Row 5-10: DEW18
Row 11: EW18 (note throw both bottom loops over top loop to leave 1 loop on the peg, this is to prep for the ID.)
Row 12: ID from 18 to 9 pegs
Row 13-17: DEW9
Row 18: EW9 (repeating the same thing  as row 11 to prepare for COF)
Sew up snout, ears, and close back of head. Stuff

Neck: Circular: 12 Peg
EW CO 12 pegs
Row 1-4: DEW12
Row 5: EW12 (Toss bottom 2 loops over top to leave 1 loop remaining.)
Tighten cast on, sew head on from your cast of side. Stuff.

Body: Circular: 12 Peg
DSCO 12 pegs
Row 1-9: DEW12
Row 10: EW12 (Toss Bottom 2 loops over top loop leaving 1 loop)
Close up one end, then before closing up other end stuff then close it up. Start by sewing the bottom of the neck to the closed hole of the body and work your way around. You should create a nice angle for the neck and head sitting on the body. 

Legs: Flat: 12 Peg
DSCO 10 pegs
Row 1-12: DEW10
Row 13: EW10 ( again toss bottom 2 loops over top to to leave 1 loop for cast off)
Close up bottom and stuff. Make 4. Sew on all for legs 1 right in front of the other on the belly leaving 1 column space between the left legs and right legs on the belly.

To View Hair technique also view Eeyore video for what I am doing for the tail and mane, for visual help.
Tail: Flat: 24 Peg
EW CO 18 pegs
Row 1: EW18
Row 2: EW2 23rows 9times
Pull cast on loops back onto the pegs
Row 3: EW18
Sew on tail at back end area. Trick pull on your loops to make them longer.

Mane: Flat: 12 Peg
EW CO 12 pegs
Row 1: EW12
Row 2: EW2 17rows 6times
Pull cast on loops back onto the pegs
Row 3: EW12
Sew on mane starting and inch infront of the ears and on down the spine area.

For eyes you can add my crocheted eyes and instead of glueing plain black pony beads take your color buttons with black pony beads and glue them to the fatter end. Crochet black around your edge if desired to create the My Little Pony eyes. For Horse use whatever you like.


  1. Please help! Stuck on Row 4: DEW4 (Ear: DEW4 pegs 4 rows, DEW2 pegs 3rows, DEW4 pegs 4rows) DEW2, Repeat ear section, DEW4

    Do I knit the parts in the ( ) while the DEW4 and DEW2 outside the ( ) are just sitting there? So 11 rows on the ear and then I go back and do it again?

    Please help? :)

    1. When you DEW4 at the beginning of the row those are done, when working the ear you are working the next 4 pegs only and when DEW2 you are doing that with the 2 pegs between the outer ones on the 4 pegs. A similar video showing the ears being done are like with the mini cat video. after the parentheses you DEW2 in the next 2 pegs, the in the next 4 pegs you work your next ear. Hopefully this helps, let me know if it doesn't and I can try to explain it differently.

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  3. You wouldn't have a way to make this on a larger loom for a larger plush, would you?

    1. This video might be of help in enlarging a pattern.

    2. So double it with a bit of trial and error? I guess that sounds about right. Thank you :)

  4. Thank you for the elephant pattern. Can't wait to try it for my first great grandchild.

  5. There really needs to be a video for this pattern PLEASE!!!