The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Clean Your Knitted Stuffed Animals


                After a child has given much love to your creations they can get quite dirty, and we all are scared to throw it in the wash cause it might ruin the loved treasure. It is okay, here is the answers to how to clean them and get them out of the wash still looking good. What if you messed up washing and have a animal that has lint all over it? It is also okay I will go through how to help clean up your stuffed animal if that is the case.

1. Put your stuffed animal in a smooth cotton pillow case and tie off the end of the pillow case.
2. Run through with cold water and detergent through a wash cycle.
3. Pull out of pillow case after wash cycle and let air dry.
4. Tuck your ends that may have come out in the wash with a crochet hook, reshape, and it is ready for the child to love all over again.

Note: DO NOT USE A FLANNEL PILLOW CASE!!! DO NOT JUST THROW IN THE WASH WITHOUT PILLOW CASE!!! This will give you messed up stringy yarn and lint all over the animal.

If this happens you can fix it though. You need scissors, and a fabric shaver. I use a Singer fabric shaver.

1. Pull all the lint off with your hands that easily comes off.
2. Using your scissors cut your stringy bits of yarn off making sure not to cut the looped part itself. This is a very surface process.
3. Take your fabric shave and lightly brush on the edges of your animal to get the leftover lint and stringy bits off.

You should have an animal that looks right again, and ready for a child to love.

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