The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Monday, August 24, 2015

Loom Knit Scaled Booties

Scaled Booties

Please visit links for help with:
Kitchener Cast On:
Crocodile Stitch:

12, 18, 24, 30 peg looms
looming hook
2 skeins of yarn (2 strands with worsted or 1 strand with bulky yarn)

KCO: Kitchener Cast On: Go to the exact opposite end of your starting point and wrap front to back of every peg following the peg parallel to it horizontally. Keep going from 1 side of the loom to the other, until you are at your starting point, then Knit all the pegs.
K: Knit(Flat Knit: Tossing the bottom loop over the top working yarn) (Knit: Pulling the working yarn through the stitch from the top, take off the peg and place new loop back on the peg) (U-Knit: Wrapping the working yarn around the back of the peg, but not all the way around,  toss bottom loop over.) Your sizing will vary a little with each of these different knits. I used the flat knit. 
P: Purl: Pulling working yarn through the bottom of stitch, lift stitch off loom and place new stitch back on peg.
WT: Wrap and Turn: Wrap the next peg and turn to work the other direction.
BOLB: Bring Original Loops Back: Follow the next un-worked peg and follow the connecting strand and pull the loop up directly under the connecting strand.
COF: Cast Off: EW the peg, toss bottom loop over, place stitch 1 under stitch 2 on next peg, toss bottom loop over. Then EW the stitch.  Move the stitch to under stitch 3, toss bottom loop over, EW the stitch. Repeat till no more stitches are on the loom.

Note: The number in parentheses will tell you which loom is being used. EX: K5(12), 6(18),12(24), 15(30) This means you will knit 5 pegs for the 12 peg loom, and knit 6 pegs for the 18 peg loom, and so forth.

Circular Knitting:
KCO 12, 18, 24, or 30 pegs
Row 1: K
Row 2: K6(12) 9(18)12(24)15(30),WT, K6(12)9(18)12(24)15(30), WT, Begin to knit to just before the last wrap and turn and stop, WT the next peg, and continue on both sides until you are down to 2(12)3(18)4(24)5(30) pegs with single loops between wrap and turn pegs. Then begin to add the wrap and turn pegs back in 1 at a time, by knitting the 1st row add a wrap and turn, then purling the 2nd row add a wrap and turn, and repeating this step until there are no more wrap and turn pegs left. You are creating a horizontal rib stitch on the bottom half of the toe
Row 3: K
Row 4: K6, P6(12) K9, P9(18) K12, P12(24) K15, P15(30)
Repeat rows 3 and 4 for a total of 6(12)10(18)24(24)30(30) rows.
Row 9(12)12(18)27(24)33(30): Starting Heel: K6(12)9(18)12(24)15(30), WT, P6(12)9(18)12(24)15(30), WT, K5(12)8(18)11(24)14(30), WT, P4(12)7(18)10(24)13(30), WT continue this process until you are down to 2(12)3(18)4(24)5(30) pegs with single loops between wraps and turns. Now to switch to knitting again no longer doing the horizontal rib stitch. Start knitting and adding a WT peg back in 1 at a time for each short row until you have no more wrap and turn pegs.
Row 10-14(12)13-16(18)28-32(24)34-38(30): K
Row 15(12)17(18)33(24)39(30): Short row series: scale: K3 3rows, K2, K1, K2, K3 3rows, BOLB (12 and 18) K3 4rows, K2, K1, K2, K3 4rows (24and30) Repeat scale all the way around to starting point.
Row 16-19(12)18-21(18)34-38(24)40-44(30): K
Row 20(12)22(18)39(24)45(30): K1 (12,18,24,and30) Scale: K3 3rows, K2, K1, K2, K3 3rows, BOLB(12 and 18) K3 4rows, K2, K1, K2, K3 4rows, BOLB (24and30) repeat scale all the way around and overlap will happen on your 1st knit peg. This is the offset row of scales to stagger them in appearance.
Repeat rows 10-15(12) 13-17(18)28-33(24)34-39(30)Stop on the last row at the original starting point.
Now for looms 12, 18, and 24 K a row, P a row then loosely COF
For loom 30 Repeat rows 40-45 then K a row, P a row then loosely COF
Tighten your KCO loops, make 2 total slippers and you're done.  

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