The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Monday, August 24, 2015

Loom Knit Fox Fur Stole

Fox Fur Stole

18 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
Burnt Orange, Gold Fur, White Fuzzy Yarn
2 eyes

DSCO: Draw String Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
PDEW: Peg Doubling EW
I: Increase
K: Knit
D: Decrease
EW2-tog: EW2 Together
ID: Internal Decrease
CC: Change Color
G: Gold
O: Orange
B: Black
W: White
DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off

Tail to head: 18 pegs: Circular: Gold and Orange:
DSCO 18 Pegs
Row 1-3: EW
Row 4: EW2, Place 2nd EW on 1st peg, I, EW the I, Place 2nd EW stitch back on 2nd peg. Repeat this step all the way around. Every other peg should have 2 stitches on it. (27)
Row 5-14: EW, PDEW repeat all the way around.
Row 15: EW, D by EW the 2 stitches together on the 2 stitch pegs. repeat all the way around (18)
Row 16-25: EW
Row 26: (Leg: Just orange K3 7rows, CCB K3 14rows, CCW K3 7rows, BOLB, K3) EW3 ( repeat leg by CC O) Add tie orange to white working yarn. EW9 to original starting point. Pick up white and EW9 to starting point.
Now we will start a half orange gold side and half white.
Repeat row 27 for 6 feet: W EW9, OG EW9
Row 241: Repeat row 26
Row 242-246: W EW9, OG EW9
Starting Head Area:
Row 247: OG EW4, D1 EW1, EW12, EW4 (This is your new starting point)
Row 248: EW4, (Ear: EW4 4rows, CCB, EW3, EW2, EW3, CCW, EW4 4rows, BOLB), CCGO, EW1 (Ear: Repeat), CCGO, EW4
Row 249-253: CCO EW17
Row 254: ID 17 to 9
Row 255-256: EW9
Row 257-258: CCW EW9
Row 259: CCB EW9
Sew up legs and ears. You're done!!!

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