The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Loom Equivalents

Lately I have gotten questions about what other loom could you use if you do not have the CinDwood looms. Well I went in and spent and entire evening working it out. Since the Martha Stewart looms are being sold in Wal-Mart they are common enough to use and versitile enough. My only issue is the pegs come out a little too easy at times. I prefer the CinDwood looms but understand if one can  not afford them. So here is the 44 peg and 60 peg combo.You will use the pink pegs in every other whole. Will continue to add photo examples for those other patterns I do on the CinDwood looms that ya'll may not can afford or have access too.

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