The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to loom baby booties

Simple Baby Booties

Items Needed:
Small Knifty Knitter Long Loom
1 Knifty Knitter Divider
Looming Hook
Crochet Hook
Crafters Needle
1 Skein of Yarn

Terms Used:
CO-Cast On
CF-Cast Off

New Born size set divider at a count for 20 pegs to work. If you would like a larger size for a bigger baby use the full loom and add in the divider to decrease.
Working circular
Row 1: CO then K 20
Row 2: P 20
Row 3-8: K20, P20
Want a larger size do two more rows of K20 P20
Row 9: K20
Row 10: K20
Row 11: K9, D1, Move Divider and K divider, D1, K9
Row 12: K8, D1, Move Divider and K Divider, D1, K7
Row 13: K7, D1, Move Divider and K Divider, D1,  K6
Row 14: K6, D1, Move Divider and K Divider, D1, K5
For larger size repeat this pattern of decreasing one more time.
Row 15: K12
Row 16: P12
Row 17: K12
Row 18: P12
Row 19: K12
For larger size do two more rows K12 P12.
CF Loosly
Make 2 tighten your CO, Sew up sole, and done.
Note: This pattern base works for adult size booties like this style you just need to use the whole Yellow Long Loom, just do 15 rows of K a row P a row, and in between decrease rows do a straight row of K, get down to 22 pegs and repeat doing 12 rows of K a row and P a row.


  1. Great tutorial!
    Made my first pair today
    I am so Happy with them

  2. Thank you so much for creating/sharing pattern for the booties. I enjoyed making them; the instruction are very precise and clear.

  3. was wondering if there was a way to turn them into elf booties?

  4. I Really Love This And Have Had to wait to make it because i have no knifty knitters divider,I have looked everywhere and noone carrys it..Michaels never has it as well,so can you tell me where i can buy it on line..I know walmart doesnt have it here or even carrys it Ive asked and even looked at there web site & NOTHING!! So can you tell me where to go for one..Thank You��

  5. Can you do this on an Authentic knitting board with 5 weight bulky yarn I found that doing all these patterns my stitches are too big. Would decreasing to a smaller gauge aka fine gauge loom improve that?

    1. With that loom you could use a worsted yarn. I don't typically use that weight of a yarn for booties. Not really great at transferring patterns from 1 loom to another.