The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teddy Bear Knifty Knitter Pattern

Teddy Bear

Supplies needed:
2 Skeins of a preferred color
2 Black Buttons or Eyes with washers
1 Bag of stuffing
Crochet Hook
Crafting Needle
Looming Hook
Blue Loom
Flower Loom

Stitches Used:
BTCO- Bring together cast off.
Take crafters needle and send through every loop, pull off loops and tie tight all loops together.
CO- Cast off
Crochet hook, take first loop of loom and then second loop off loom, pull second loop through first, then wrap yarn around hook pull through loop, pick up next loop on loom, pull through, make a loop pull through.
BF- Back and Forth
E-Wrap rows going back and forth
ID- Internal Decrease
Take the first loop put on second loop e-wrap, go to next loop take it and put it onto the next loop e-wrap. Do this all the way around, then put all loops on hook and put loops all side by side on loom, and tighten up the loops starting from furthest end from your yarn to wrap.
D- Decrease
Take end loop put on next peg E-wrap together.

Head: Blue Loom: Work Flat
E-Wrap 24 pegs 9 rows
Row 10 work ears
E-Wrap peg 1-5
Start ear E-wrap pegs 6-9 BF 4 rows
E-Wrap pegs 7-8 BF 2 rows
E-Wrap 6-9 BF 4 rows
E-Wrap 6-15
Work other ear E-wrap pegs 16-19 BF 4 rows
E-Wrap pegs 17-18 BF 2 rows
E-Wrap pegs 16-19 BF 4 rows
Finish row 10 by E-Wrapping to end.
E-Wrap next 8 rows
ID to 12 pegs (make sure you tighten the loops after you decrease, this makes the snout more prominent.)
E-Wrap 6 rows
Sew up snout, and ears, bring together stitches on back of the head. Add eyes.

Body: Blue Loom: Work Circular
E-Wrap 19 rows
Row 20 E-Wrap to peg 10 work tail pegs 11-14 BF 8 rows finish row 20
E-Wrap 8 rows BTCO
Sew up tail.

Arms: Flower Loom: Work Circular
E-Wrap 12 pegs 12 rows BTCO
Tighten original cast on and stuff.
Make 2

Legs: Blue Loom: Work Flat
E-Wrap 16 pegs 6 rows
D by 1 on each end next 2 rows
E-Wrap 12 pegs 12 rows CO
Tighten original cast on, sew up, stuff.
Make 2

Sew on legs first by counting ten columns from edge of tail to front, go back one column sew on first leg. To sew on second leg move over two columns from inner first leg sew on. Sew on arms next by counting from outer edges of legs over two columns go to very top of body sew on arms. Then sew on head by lining up front center, line arms up to ears, and lining up back center. After sewing up every piece use crochet hook to tuck away ends. Your done.


  1. Can you explain ID here somehow? I got lost on it even watching you do it on the youtube:(
    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. It is where you take the loop of one peg, and move it to the nex. So you put two loops on the same peg, then ewrap the pegs that you have loops on. After that, you pull both of the bottom loops over your ewraps.

  3. can you make the bear bigger? and smaller, i made the one you made but i am wanting to know if i can make one with the flower loom and the other eith the red round loom and so on, thanks

    1. Making smaller is easier than making bigger. To make smaller you can use a toss knit doing the exact rows and looms to create a bear half the size. Larger you can and I have but never wrote down the pattern. I can see if I can remember what I did and write out the pattern for a larger bear.

    2. thanks....making them as a gift for a friend having a baby

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  5. what size eyes did you use in the video? thanks!

    1. 18mm if you need the link to purchase the eyes let me know.

  6. Hi there! After completeing the ears the video says to ewrap for 6 rows. The written instructions say to ewrap for 8 rows. Which is correct? Thanks for the pattern and help! ~Nicole

  7. Dear Scarlett, thank you for the videos, I live in Brazil and managed to make the bear and the elephant you explained very well.

    I have tried to make these animals trying to make some money. Thank you for you help so many people who need some form, even me so far, may God bless you and give you double.

    I would like to ask a question in videos in which animals are small (mini animals) I could make a pattern that is bent double every point, do I could do to stay with the size of the teddy bear? Thank you and sorry to bother you with this. God bless you, Armando.

    1. Yes you can double everything and make them on the same size loom as the teddy bear. Here is a video link explaining how to go about doing that.

  8. Hopeful to try real soon. happy looming bear...