The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to loom a rabbit

2 Skeins color of choice
Crafters Needle
Looming Hook
Crochet Hook
Blue Loom
Flower Loom
2 Buttons or Eyes

DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off
COF: Cast off
CO: Cast On
ID: Internal Decrease
D: Decrease
B and F: Back and Forth
EW: E-Wrap
I: Increase

Head: Blue Loom: Work Flat
CO 24 pegs
Row 1-9: EW
Row 10:EW 6
*Start ear EW4 2rows, I EW4 1row, I EW4 1 row, EW6 5 rows ( make sure you don’t bring over the bottom loop on pegs 6 and 11)
EW4 4rows, EW2 5rows, EW6 5rows, D2 EW4 5rows.**
Work other ear from *-**
EW 6
Row 11-17: EW
Row 18: ID to 12 pegs ( make sure to tighten the loops after decrease)
Row 19-24: EW
Sew up snout, ears, and bring together the stitches at the back of the head. Add eyes lining up with base of snout and inner ears.

Body: Blue Loom: Work Circular
CO 24
Rows 1-19: EW
Row 20: EW10, Start tail: EW4 B and F 5rows, EW10
Row 21-26: DSCOF
Stuff sew on head. Line back of head with tail.

Arms: Flower Loom: Work Circular
CO 12
Row 1-12: EW
Make 2
Stuff and sew at the top of the body aligning with the sides of the ears.

Back Legs: Blue Loom: Work Flat
CO 24 pegs
Rows 1-6: EW
Row 7: COF 4 pegs EW20
Row 8: COF 4 pegs EW16
Row 9: D1 EW15
ROw 10: D1 EW14
Row 11-16: EW
Row 17: D1 EW11 D1 EW1
Row 18: D1 EW9 D1 EW1
Row 19: D1 EW7 D1 EW1
Row 20: EW
Sew up, stuff before finishing, sew onto body aligned with arms on the side.

Your done.


  1. due you have a video on how to make this rabbit

    1. Yes but not on youtube. Here is a link to my youtube video that tells you about my stuffed animal DVD that has the pattern for the rabbit, dog, and cat. Here is the link.
      If you are interested. I will be offering a mini rabbit pattern in the near future though.