The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making A Fancy Feather Pen

 Start by getting all your supplies together. You will need a large stiff feather, then three soft fluffy feathers, then three small patterned feathers, and a regular pen you can take apart. You will also need ribbon, rhinestones of different kinds, paint, and a hot glue gun. Don't forget to sketch out your idea before you start.
 First Paint your feather up with it's designs, if you would like a special design you can use a stencil but this can be difficult.
Now take your pen apart. Start working on your pen base by painting it a base color. Let dry. Then add embellishments like the ribbon and rhinestones using a hot glue gun.

 Put your medium feathers together like the image above the hot glue the smaller ones on top of the medium ones, then glue your backing and your rhinestone together then hot glue it to the feathers.
 Now you can add your rhinestones to your large feather after the paint has dried using a hot glue gun.
 Assemble the pen together by hot gluing the large feather into the base of the pen. Then hot glue the second feather layer in front of the base of the large feather and pen. You should be able to push your cartridge into the other end and then add your pen tip to close the pen off. This is it. But if you want to add more here is what you can do.
You can hot glue an ostrich feather behind the big feather for more flare or you can take several medium fluffy feathers and hot glue them around the edge of the big feather for flare.

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