The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Loom Knit Fine Gauge Drawstring Bind Off

The purpose of the 6 rows is to slowly decrease the crown, then drawstring off. The use of flat knit is when those spaces between the decrease are filled in once the hat is taken off the loom and the crown is stretched to set the flat knit. If you don't do the slow decrease this is what the crown ends up looking like. 

 You will notice the center is smooth yet the area around the center is wavy. So by the process of doing the 6 rows before the draw string, and stretching the stitches out after taking off the loom gets you a very smooth result when placed on the head. 
Now if you have stitches in the 90 or more range I would suggest adding an extra row, meaning instead of 2 knit rows after the decrease do 3 or 4 in each section after the decrease. You won't notice the smoothness until you place the hat on the head. Take a look at the video for more clear instructions.
If you would like written instructions please see those below. Also will be adding photo instructions later on.
FGDSBO: Fine Gauge Drawstring Bind Off: It consists of 6 rows.
Row 1: K1 D-> toss bottom loop over, K2 Repeat all the way around ( this means every 4 peg should be empty.)
Row 2 and 3: K only pegs with stitches
Row 4: K1, K1 D-> toss bottom loop over, K1 Repeat all the way around (this means every other peg will be empty
Row 5 and 6: K only pegs with stitches
Now to drawstring, send the tail through every other stitch in round 1 all the way around, then in the next round send the tail through the stitch left. Drawstring together starting to tug on the inner circle 1st then the outer.


  1. Hi, a new reader way from Sweden! I saw the video on how to do slippers/booties in different sizes and desided to try it. But I soon realised I needed that adjusters for the loom but it's nowhere to be bought here in Sweden. My question now is...couldn't you help me find one over there and ship me one?

    1. Due to the difficulty people have been having getting the wedges, I have been suggesting another company that ships world wide that provides a very similar loom with a wedge that can adjust like in my patterns. here is the link.