The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Loom Knit Gusset Style Heel for Socks

I have always loved looking at needle knitted socks that have the heel, where the stitch design goes to the bottom of the heel. Seems like such a nice fit, and so clean looking. Well I went looking and the one tutorial I found, well looked more complicated than I liked. Wondered if it could be simplified a lot. So off I went, and figured it out. 
Here is the video showing to it is done. 
Let me break it down as best I can if you are a reading instructions kind of person.
Step 1:
What every loom you are using divide the pegs in half, one half of those pegs will be the heel section.

Step 2:
Use a drawn out foot mold to find out how many pegs you need for your heel.

Step 3:
Then count out the pegs on either side of your heel pegs. This is the amount of rows you will need to do for you heel flap.

Step 4:
Do the number of rows you calculated from step 3 making sure to skip the 1st peg in each row so that it can be slip stitched for the next row. This allows for easy visuals to put back on the pegs later as the gusset.

Step 5: Bind off the number of pegs on 1 side of your heel pegs, finish the row, then bing off the pegs on the other side of the heel pegs. The empty pegs should be the same as your what you had for step 3. (alternative: put the stitches on 2 different stitch holders, start by placing the stitch furthest away from you heel pegs onto the stitch holder 1st, then move in. Also you will need to knit into where your 1st heel peg is to start before placing stitches onto stitch holders)

Step 6: Slowly on each row add your stitch or bind off stitch closest to the heel back on 1 rows at a time, 1 side at a time. This means you should be doing the same number of rows you did to make your heel flap, you are just making the curve to the bottom of the heel.

Step 7: Add your slip stitches from the heel flap back to the empty pegs on both sides of the heel.This will be the gusset section as you work. 
Now you are ready to finish your sock.


  1. How do I do this: Step 2:
    Use a drawn out foot mold to find out how many pegs you need for your heel.

    1. Place your foot on card paper with your weight on the foot. Then trace your foot out, and cut out the foot.

  2. Hi Scarlett.

    How do I do this heel on toeup socks. Also what's the best heel to do with no holes. I always get holes which is disappointing