The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Loom Knit a Beard


24 peg loom
looming hook
crochet hook
crafters needle
1 skein of Lions Brand Homespun Yarn

CO: Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
WT: Wrap and Turn
COF: Cast Off

24 peg loom: Flat
EW CO24 pegs
Row 1-3: EW24
Row 4: EW9, COF6, EW9
Row 5: EW9, CO6, EW9
Row 6: EW24
Row 7: EW17, WT, EW10, WT, EW9, WT, EW8, WT, EW7, WT, EW6, WT, EW15
Row 8: EW24
Row 9: EW24
Tighten cast on so that the beard fits snug around the upper part of the face. This should fit  a woman and a mans face. If you do need a longer face area, simple go up to the 31 peg loom and use 28 pegs and do the same amount of rows, row 7 will just be EW19, WT, EW10 and so forth then at the end of the row EW19. This pattern allows you a base to also go about making a dwarf beard if you want. Simply cut long strips and fold them into the spaces and then style the strands.


  1. Thank you! I have been searching for a tutorial on this!

  2. I ended up with no opening in the back. What did i do wrong? Im new to this so im lost! Help! Lo

    1. If you worked in 1 direction the whole beard you have just worked circularly, this beard is worked flat going back and forth making sure to keep a gap in your first and last peg so that you have the opening for the face. Sometimes the knitting flat and circular can be confusing, for this project it is flat which means you are going back and forth rather than in one direction. Hope this was helpful.