The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Loom Knit a Mini Cat

Loom Knit Mini Cat

12 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
scrap yarn (I do double strand my yarn for this project)
2 eyes

EW- E-Wrap
CO- Cast On
DSCO- Draw String Cast On
COF- Cast Off
DSCOF- Draw String Cast Off
ID- Internal Decrease

Head: Flat: 12 pegs
DSCO or EW CO 12 pegs
Row 1-5: K12
Row 6: K3 (Start Ear: K3 peg 4 rows, K2 pegs 1 rows, K1 peg 1 row, K2 pegs 1 row, K3 pegs 4 rows) Repeat ear on next 3 pegs, K3
Row 7-9: K12
Row 10: ID from 12 to 6 pegs
Row 11-13: K6
Sew up snout, ear, and back of head. Stuff.

Body: Circular: 12 pegs
DSCO or EW CO 12 pegs
Row 1-10: K12
Row 11: P12
Row 12-14: K12
Close up bottom and stuff. Sew head on body.

Fron Legs: Flat: 10 Pegs
DSCO or EW CO 10 pegs
Row 1-3: K10
Row 4: D1, K1, K6, D1, K1 (8 pegs)
Row 5-11: K8
Sew up bottom and front, stuff, make 2. Sew right under snout at the top of the body. Make sure the space between the legs lines up with the snout.

Back Legs: Flat: 12 Pegs
DSCO or EW CO 12 pegs
Row 1-4: K12
Row 5: COF2, K10
Row 6: COF2, K8
Row 7: D1, K1, K4, D1, K1
Row 8-10: K6
Row 11: D1, K1, K2, D1, K1
Sew up leaving half the bottom open, stuff, the finish sewing up. Make two. Sew on the sides of the body lined up with ears.

Tail: Flat: 3 pegs
DSCO or EW CO 3 pegs
Row 1-20: K3
Sew on center back of boy on purled row.

Hot glue or sew on your eyes at the base of snout lined up with the inner ears.

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