The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Loom a Scarecrow

Scarecrow Looming Pattern

Blue Loom and Flower Loom
Tan, Shirt color, Pants Color, and Hat Color Yarn
Buttons for eyes, nose, and mouth
Looming Hook
Crochet Hook
Crafters Needle
Hot Glue Gun
Hat and Scarf

Cast On: CO
Draw String Cast On: DSCO
E-Wrap: EW
Purl: P
Draw String Cast Off: DSCOF
Cast Off: COF

Head: Circular: Blue Loom or 24 peg loom: Tan
CO 24
Row 1-15: EW

Arms: Circular: Flower Loom or 12 peg loom
CO 12  Shirt yarn
Row 1-10: EW
Change to Tan Color
Row 11-15: EW
Make 2

Legs: Flat: Blue Loom or 24 pegs
CO 18 pegs Tan yarn
Row 1-4: EW
Row 5: D1, EW 15, D1, EW 1
Row 6: D1, EW 13, D1, EW 1
Change to Pants Color
Row 7-17: EW
Sew up, and make 2

Body: Circular: Blue Loom or 24 pegs
DSCO 24 pegs Pants yarn
Row 1-6: EW
Row 7: Purl
Row 8-17: EW
Change to Shirt Color
Row 18-28: EW
Draw string your cast on.
Stuff head, arms, legs, and body. Sew legs on the line your purled right by each other, then sew on head, then sew on arms at the very top of body and line them up on the outside of legs. Hot glue buttons on face. Make hat of your choice and add a scarf if you would like.

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