The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to loom a dragon


Dragon (Intermediate)
24 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
measuring tape
4 colors of yarn: main color, belly color, spine color, and horn color
Two plastic washer snap 18 mm eyes, or buttons if you choose

EW: E-wrap
P: Purl
I: Increase
D: Decrease
ID: Internal Decrease
CO: Cast Off
ECO: E-wrap Cast On
Draw String Cast Off

Head: Work Flat
ECO 24 Pegs
Row 1-9: EW
Row 10: EW3,(Work Ear: EW 4 pegs, 3 rows, I1*, EW 4, I1*, EW 6 pegs 2 rows, EW 4 pegs 2 rows, EW 2 pegs 4 rows, EW 4 pegs 2 rows, EW 6 pegs, 2 rows, D1 EW3, D1, EW1, EW 4 pegs 5 rows.)Tie on horn color but do not cut main color. (Work Horn: EW4 pegs 4 rows, EW 2 pegs 5 rows, EW 4 pegs 7 rows.) Go back to main color and EW 6 pegs.  Pick up horn color (Work Horn: EW 4 pegs 4 rows, EW 2 pegs 5 rows, EW 4 pegs 7 rows) Tie off and cut horn color, go back to main color EW 4 pegs. (Work Ear: EW 4 pegs 3 rows, I1*, EW 4, I1*, EW 6 pegs 2 rows, EW 4 pegs 2 rows, EW 2 pegs, 4 rows, EW 4 pegs 2 rows, EW 6 pegs 2 rows, D1, EW 3, D1, EW1, EW 4 pegs 5 rows.) EW 3
* Note when increasing do not toss loop already on peg, when increasing you are fattening the look of the ear, if you toss the loop that is already there you are connecting the head to the middle part of the ear.
Row 11-16: EW
Row 17: ID all pegs down to 12 pegs ( Make sure to tighten loops after bringing pegs together, this helps to define the snout area)
Row 18: EW
Row 19: EW4, P4, EW4
Row 20: EW
Row 21: EW4, P4, EW4
Row 22: EW
Row 23: EW2 (Work Nostril: EW 2 pegs 5 rows) P4 (Work Nostril: EW 2 pegs 5 rows) EW 2
Row 24: EW
Row 25: EW4, P4, EW4
Row 26: EW
Draw String CO
Sew up snout, horns, ears, draw string back of head, line eyes up between horns and ears. Stuff

Arms: Work Flat
ECO 16 Pegs
Row 1-4: EW
Row 5: D1, EW 13, D1, EW1
Row 6: D1, EW 11, D1, EW1
Row 7-17: EW
Sew up bottom and front, stuff, make 2.

Back Legs: Work Flat
ECO 24 Pegs
Row 1-6: EW
Row 7: CO4, EW 20
Row 8: CO4, EW 16
Row 9: D1, EW13, D1, EW1
Row 10-16: EW
Row 17: D1, EW11, D1, EW1
Row 18: D1, EW9, D1, EW1
Row 19: D1, EW7, D1, EW1
Sew up front and half of bottom, flip right side out, stuff sew up, pull in loose ends. Make 2.

Back Body: Work Flat
ECO 24 Pegs
Row 1-20: EW
Row21: D1, EW21, D1, EW1*
Row22: D1, EW19, D1, EW1 **
Row23-33: Repeat *-** till down to 2 Pegs

Belly: Work Flat
ECO 12 Pegs
Row 1: EW*
Row 2: Purl**
Row 3-20: Repeat *-**
Row 21-22: Purl
Row 23: EW
Row 24: D1, P9, D1, P1
Row 25: EW
Row 26: Purl
Row 27: D1, EW 7, D1, EW1
Row 28: Purl
Row 29: EW
Row 30: D1, P 5, D1, P1
Row 31: EW
Row 32: Purl
Row 33: D1, EW 3, D1, EW1
Row 34: Purl
Row 35: EW
Row 36: D1, P 1, D1, P1
Row 37: EW
Row 38: P
Row 39: D1, EW, D1, EW
Sew belly and back together, flip right side out and stuff.
Sew head to body by lining up back of head to tail, and front of head to center front of body, then sew on arms at very top of body two columns back from belly color, then sew back legs directly underneath arms lining them right up.

Spine: Work Flat
Measue spine of dragon, then repeat these 10 rows=1 inch
ECO 3 pegs
Row 1: EW3
Row 2: EW1, P1, EW1
Row 3: EW3
Row 4-9: EW1 6x
Row 10: EW
Sew on spine starting from tail to head.
Your done!!!


  1. You are awesome! I love all your stuffed toys, but especially the dragon!

  2. This dragon is SO cute!!! Thanks for the pattern! :)

  3. thanks for the pattern, it's so adorable! I am going to give it a try, hopefully it will look half as good as yours! :)

  4. I really love your Site,Thank you again for explaining over & over for people
    who really trying to get it but can't. ..Also thank you for the stuffed animals
    my newest grandson (will make him the 6th grandson) is due July,to you happen to have a Owl pattern anywhere?? Like a blanket?? Or know of anyone who might.?? Also Im looking for Owl patterns of all kinds,My daughter's making the baby room all Owls..Man i hope he doesent get scared!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH & HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!😊

    1. Yes I do have an owl pattern, it isn't free but isn't too expensive and comes with video tutorial. :-)

  5. When you start with 9 rows ewrapped, do you mean forward ewrap = 1 row, backward ewrap = 1 row, or forward + back = 1 row?

    1. Thank you so much! I thought so but I wanted to be sure before I got further then got frustrated with myself

  6. I clicked on your link to Martha Stewart 24 peg square loom at it says there is none.

  7. I was wondering if there is any possible way you could do a video on loom knitting a dinosaur. My god grandson is due to be born in May and they did his room in dinosaurs.

    1. I have a dinosaur planned but didn't plan on getting a tutorial done until later in the year. I have to complete my farm series before I start on my next series. I will keep it on the books for sure. As for the martha stewart loom kits, they are actually being sold at places like wal-mart and the like. The kit has gotten more main stream and easier to find.

  8. Hello Scarlett, I have a big doubt about this pattern, can you help me please? I don't understand when you say "Row 24: D1, P9, D1, P1" in belly: work flat. Is decrease one on each side and purl the remaining? thank you very much

    1. You are just decreasing on both sides. But it writes up that way.