The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

The Muse Scarlett Yvette Royal

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Loom Knit an Alpaca


12 peg loom
looming hook
crafters needle
crochet hook
1 skein of textured yarn super bulky (Try Bernat Tizzy Yarn) Best results.
1 skein of smooth yarn super bulky
2 eyes

DSCO: Draw String Cast On
EW: E-Wrap
P: Purl
K: Knit
I: Increase
ID: Internal Decrease
D: Decrease
WT: Wrap and Turn
BOLB: Bring Original Loop Back
CY: Change Yarn
T: Textured
S: Smooth
COF: Cast Off
DSCOF: Draw String Cast Off

Head: 12 pegs: Flat: Textured Yarn
Row 1-5: EW
Row 6: EW3 (Ear: CY S K2, I1, K2, I1, K3, K4 3rows, K3, K2 3rows, K3, K4 3rows, D1 K1, D1 K1, BOLB, CY T EW2) EW2 (Repeat other ear) EW3
Row 7: EW
Row 8: EW8, WT, EW4, WT, EW3, WT, EW2, WT, EW2, EW3, EW4, EW5, EW9
Row 9: EW
Row 10: CC S EW
Row 11: ID from 12 to 6 pegs
Row 12-13: EW6
Row 14: EW2, K1 3times, K1 3times, EW2
Row 15: EW6
Sew up snout, close back of head, and stuff. If you didn't do the BOLB sew your ears up.Make sure to leave an opening at the bottom of the head to make sewing on the body easier.

Body: 12 pegs: Circular: Textured:
Row 1-3: EW
Row 4: P
Row 5: EW5, (Tail: EW2, I1, EW2, I1, EW3, EW4 4rows, EW3, EW2 3rows, EW3, EW4 4rows, D1 EW1, D1 EW1, EW2 2rows BOLB) EW5
Row 6-13: EW
Row 14: EW6 (start working flat) EW9, WT, EW6, WT, EW5, WT, EW4, WT, EW3, WT, EW2, WT, EW2, EW3, EW4, EW5, EW6, EW7, EW9
Row 15: D1 EW1, D1 EW1, EW4, D1 EW1, D1 EW1 (8)
Row 16-24: EW
Sew up neck, stuff, then close back end. Sew on head lining up back of head with tail. Sew up tail if you didn't do the BOLB.

Legs: 12 pegs: Circular: Smooth:
Row 1-3: K
Row 4: P
Row 5-7: K
Row 8: CY T P
Row 9-17: EW (if you want thinner legs Knit and add 3 or 4 extra rows)
Close up bottom of leg and stuff. Make 4. Find the base of the 2 columns that were not wrapped and turned at the base of the body. Start sew the leg at the base back, follow that line and sew the back leg on starting from the purled line on the back end. Repeat on both sides. If you have questions here check the video. Sew or glue your eyes on following the ears down to the base of the snout and sew your eyes on there. Your done!!!
(Note: if you want to do a darker alpaca I could suggest using 2 strands of textured yarn rather than one, reason being is with darker colors the filling will show through. )

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